"The Reasonable Public and the Polarized Policy Process"
    by  I.M. Destler
    from the 2001 Rowman & Littlefield publication
    (for the Council on Foreign Relations)

    The Real and the Ideal:
    Essays on International Relations in Honor of Richard H. Ullman

Vox Americani
    An interview with the American public
    by Steven Kull
(Foreign Policy, September/October 2001)

"The Myth of the Reactive Public:     American Public Attitudes on Military Fatalities in the Post-Cold War Period"
    by Steven Kull and Clay Ramsay [full text .PDF format]

(From the March 2001 Routledge publication)
Public Opinion and the International Use of Force
    Edited by Philip Everts and Pierangelo Isernia
    Click here for the table of contents and more information




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